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Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual Interview Tips

Use these tips to ace a virtual interview.

1. Find a Quiet Place One of the biggest challenges in a virtual working environment is finding a quiet space to work in. Once your interview is scheduled, let your household members know ahead of time that you have a virtual interview, and you will need at least one hour without any interruptions in a specific room or area of your home. It won't hurt to remind them at least a day ahead of your interview as well. 2. Dress Professionally While in our home's comfort, it can be tempting to dress down even for essential meetings when working remotely. For your virtual interview, DRESS THE PART. I'd even venture to say from head to toe and not just from the waist up. 3. Appropriate Backgrounds Only With Zoom meetings as the standard in 2020, backgrounds have become a thing. For your virtual interview, if you must have a background, be sure it is basic and appropriate. Try a solid background or something non-distracting. 4. Be Mindful of Posture Again, especially if you're at home, you'll be a lot more comfortable, which may make you appear to be a bit too relaxed. Be sure your posture is good, your shoulders are square, and your laptop is leveled. 5. Make Eye Contact When you're communicating remotely, it can be easy to not focus on your audience. Make sure you make good eye contact with your interviewers throughout your discussion. Generally, your attention should be on the screen 100% of the time during the interview. 6. Don’t Be Distracted It’s difficult to stay focused for over 30 minutes so be mindful of this and pay attention to the interviewer(s). You might even want to put your phone away for the duration of the interview. ProDev Growth

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